Terms and Conditions

  • 14 Day Hire Period Maximum.
  • Level Loads Only, Overloaded skips will not be collected until overload is removed
  • No Fires, Asbestos, Plasterboard, Fridges, Freezers, Tyres, batteries, Oil, Paint tins, Poisonous or Polluting Substances, Fluorescent Lighting or Gas Bottles to be in the skip.
  • Permits are Required for any Council Property. Please contact us for more information.
  • Redditch Skip Hire reserve the right to decline online bookings.

General Terms & Conditions For Hire of Skip On and Off the Highway (1976 Edition)

The Owner Enters into agreements for the hire of skips and disposal of contents upon the following conditions

No Agent or Employee of the owner is permitted to alter or vary these conditions in any way or to give any consent thereunder unless he is authorised in writing by the owner to do so

(a)Except as specifically otherwise agreed the owner shall be under no obligation to deposit the skip elsewhere than on hardstanding property of the hirer. (b) The Hirer shall save harmless and keep the owner indemnified against any claim demand or penalty arising out of the presence of the skip on the site and which could not have been made or inflicted had the skip not been placed on the site.

The hirer shall direct the driver where to deposit the skip.

Where the driver is directed to deposit or pick up the skip on or from a site which is off a highway the owner shall be under no liability whatsoever to the hirer for any damage howsoever caused whilst the vehicle is off the highway other than such as might have been caused by negligent driving on the part of the driver. Without prejudice to the generality of condition 2 b) the hirer shall be subject as above save harmless and keep the owner for any damage to the against any claim or demand which could not have been made had the driver been so directed. The hirer will compensate the owner for any damage to the vehicle or skip which would not have occurred had the driver not been so directed and which is not due to any negligent driving on the part of the driver.

The Time allowed for depositing or picking up a skip Is 20 minutes. If the vehicle is kept waiting longer than this after arrival the hirer may be liable to waiting time charges.

The hirer shall ensure that all permissions required before skip s can be lawfully deposited on the site, including permissions required under the Highways Act 1971, have been or will be obtained before he directs the driver to deposit the skip. The hirers obligation under Section 31 and 32 of the highways Act 1971 will be deemed to be incorporated herein.

The hirer shall not remove the skip or reposition the skip on the site without the consent of the owner.

The hirer shall ensure that no waste to which section 3 (1) of the deposit of poisonous waste act 1972 applies will be placed in the skip without the written consent of the owner. Where toxic waste is concerned it is the Hirers duty to comply with the notification provision of the act.

The Hirer shall ensure that the skip is not misused or any fires lit therein, if such damage occurs the hirer shall be held responsible. The Hirer is responsible for the insurance and security of the skip for the duration of the hire.

Except as specifically otherwise agreed in writing the owner agrees to dispose of the contents of the skip, provided such contents have been loaded in a safe and transportable manner.

NOTE: Lamps and Cones must be adjacent to the skip during the official hours of darkness.

Did you know? - Over 80% of our waste is recycled

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